3 in 1 BBQ Smokers

The award winning design of this modular system makes the 3 in 1 smokers amazingly versatile!

With 2 stackers out of the box you have 2 different levels of cooking space, which is easily increased with additional stackers or step up grills! You can also reduce the stackers to one or even none to turn it into a kettle BBQ to take to the beach or picnic!

With these BBQ Smokers you can;

  • Roast
  • Smoker
  • Grill
  • Hang meat inside with supplied hooks from the bar inside the lid

All these models come with the following as standard;

  • 2 Stackers with latches and handles, so your BBQ can be moved at any time in one piece. Stackers also come with access doors for topping up water, adding wood chips and checking on food without disassembling.
  • Large capacity porcelain coated water pan for indirect heat cooking.
  • Gromlets® on each stacker for monitoring meat temperatures with a probe thermometer, a must when smoking/roasting for long periods of time.
  • Internal temperature gauge set in lid.
  • Robust hangers included for fish and meat.
  • 4 Air vents for excellent temperature control.
  • Manual with setup and instructions, along with some recipes to get you started
  • 2KG Charcoal for your first cook